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HQ 8500

High resolution box printer

Print height of 70mm
180dpi is the resolution.

The printhead of 70mm print height and 180 dpi resolution available with affordable cost.
Connective with up to four printheads.
Print speed is stable thanks to our design of one nozzle line.
No ink solidification at the nozzle thanks to the use of oil-based ink.
Use of compact controller saving space.
Easy operation by using our touch panel.

HQ 8500

High resolution box printer

Parcel Coding Printer I Multi Control System

A single controller will do for up to the four printheads.

You will have options using piezo ot thermal printhead with this.

HQ8500 printer

Up to four printheads can simultaneously be controlled by a single controller.

You have a choice of the best suited printing system
for your specific application.

Head with 2558ch (Y2558)

Print height of 108mm realized – Highest level in the industry.

Head with 384ch (R384)

Suitable for printing bar code or QR Code Print Height 32.4mm 300dpi.

Head with 1200ch (H1200)

The four ink cartridges intergrated with the nozzle of 12.7mm print height for 600 dpi covers the print height of 49.3mm.

Head with 510ch (S510)

Realized print height of 70mm for 180dpi is an ideal alternative to the use of labels

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